What to do with sawdust?

[box]We’ve all got a lot of sawdust laying around right? Here are some ideas on what to do with it.[/box]

Use it the garden as mulch

Sawdust makes a great garden mulch! Wood is an amazing source of nutrients for the plants. Spread the sawdust on the top of your soil, do not mix it in. If you mix it in, it will temporarily leach more nitrogen from the soil.

One to two-inch shavings are perfect for the top layer. If you want to mix it into the soil, you can actually use any thickness of sawdust, but you will need to add some high-nitrogen fertilizer to prevent nutrient leaching.

Sawdust prevents weeds from appearing and regulates soil temperature.

Do not use any sawdust that has been treated with harsh chemicals.

Mopping up spills

Spilled something nasty? Don’t use a rag. Just throw some sawdust on it and gather it up with your hands in seconds. This tip is also good for materials that can spontaneously combust. Just soak them in sawdust and spread it out until it all evaporates.

Drying hands

I always keep a bucket full of fine sawdust near my table. It’s an excellent tool to dry my hands.

Ignite a barbeque

Take some old candles that you’re no longer gonna use and melt them. Mix the wax with sawdust in a 50-50 ratio. Let it sit overnight.

Cut it up in the morning. The result will be extremely flammable waxy bricks of sawdust which are an excellent fire igniter.

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Wood filler

Your gluing wood or edging your plywood and you put on too much glue? Just throw some fine sawdust on it and wipe with a rag. The sawdust will absorb a lot of the glue and will make it easier to clean.

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