Firewood Shed Storage

How to best properly Firewood – What to think about and how to best keep it dry

Storing firewood is a big part of preparing firewood for the winter. Once the firewood has been cut it is critical to select an appropriate storage method in order to safeguard all your hard labor and money spent. After spending a lot of time chopping and cutting, the last thing you would want to do is throw it in a pile and simply hope it survives the winter. The elements can be harsh, and wood is especially vulnerable to weather conditions such as rain and snow. Inadequate wood storage could result in firewood that is damp, unseasoned, and vulnerable … Read More


Cutting Firewood – What you need, safety and what season to cut

With electricity and heating costs continue to increase, many homeowners are looking for a break by cutting their own firewood. Something that might not be completely clear to many is how to actually acquire the firewood. Firewood – cutting your own or purchasing, what the best? Wood should ideally be collected and prepared at least six months before it is used in your stove. Particularly if you have access to fresh wood. Always try to thoroughly dry the wood before burning it. If you prepare the firewood early in the spring, it may dry out over the summer. Keep … Read More