Electric Chainsaw on Table

Electric vs Petrol Chainsaw: Benefits, Differences & Usage

Electric and battery-powered or petrol-powered, what type of chainsaw should you get? Since I have seen some confusion, I thought I would go through the differences between the different types, and the benefits of each so that you can more easily make a decision about which one suits you best. I know it can be confusing to buy a chainsaw, so hopefully this guide can help you in your decision. So what are the major differences between electric and gasoline powered chainsaws? Petrol-powered is generally more expensive, but is also stronger and can handle heavier wood work. Gasoline also … Read More

Brush Cutter and Clearing Saw: 5 Tips for Sharpening and Maintenance

Many people spend a lot of time finding the best clearing saw for them, which is great. Unfortunately, there are then many who do not put the same energy into taking care of their machine after the purchase. A clearing saw or a brush cutter is a fairly large investment, so I think it is important that you take care of your saw. Partly because it should last a long time, but also because it should be safe to work with. You can usually read about grinding and maintenance in the clearing saw’s manual. Unfortunately, I find that many … Read More

Best Protective Gear for Chainsaw use (Most Important clothes & Tips)

When using a chainsaw, safety is key. There is always a risk of being injured while using a chainsaw, even for very experienced users. There are many types of protective gear and clothing and all have different types of functionality, so it is important you pick the right gear. Get help from a knowledgeable person in the area to find clothes that fit really well so that the equipment fits correctly and does its job. The types of clothing that are suitable may also depend on the season and area of use. Should the clothes have been damaged or … Read More

How to seasonally store your Chainsaw: 5 Simple Storage Tips

If you are going to put away the chainsaw for the season, it is important to show a little love and say goodbye in the right way. If you just “put” the saw away without any care, you may not recognize her when it’s time to reunite. Over the years, I have tried some different ways in storing my chainsaws and here I have tried to collect all the tricks that worked for me. Here are 5 simple tricks for storing chainsaws: Treat the fuel tank before seasonal storage When the engine has cooled down completely, you should drain … Read More