User Test Review of the Groundskeeper II Rake 55”

Hands-on review of the Groundskeeper II Rake 55” As an owner and user of dozens of gardening and gardening tools, including at least six other rakes, I have found the Groundskeeper II rake to be a very useful addition to my tool shed. This rake has a very unique design in the shape of a tine and is very light and easy to use. With a little pressure, you can pull up the dead grass and lift it enough to breathe the dormant grass. The rake is not really meant as a fine blade grass rake as there is … Read More

SKIL Brushless Cordless Electric Chainsaw 5

User test of the SKIL 40-volt 14-in Brushless Cordless Electric Chainsaw 2.5 Ah

Review of the SKIL 40-volt 14-in Brushless Cordless Electric Chainsaw 2.5 Ah My house is on an acre of land with many (way too many) large pine trees and other tree species in both backyards, and for many years I used a craftsman’s 16-inch corded chainsaw suitable for general maintenance, including logging some relatively large trees. However, about three months ago, during a violent storm, a lightning bolt hit a very old, large red oak tree just behind my property, and a large branch broke in the middle of the tree. This main branch has three other big branches. … Read More

Chainsaw For Beginners: Use, Technique & Equipment

All handling of a chainsaw should always be done with the utmost respect. If the chainsaw is used incorrectly or carelessly, an accident can quickly occur with drastic consequences in the form of injuries. If you are a beginner, it is important to learn the basics of how a chainsaw should be used, whether it is through a course for chainsaw driving licenses or from someone in your circle of acquaintances who has that knowledge and can share. Here is a checklist of things to keep in mind before and while using a chainsaw: Things to think about Before … Read More

ego 18 chainsaw

EGO Power+ CS1804 18-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Chain Saw

User Test Review Got the EGO 18″ to replace a older 16″ battery-powered model that was leaking oil like crazy in order to clear and cut down the fallen trees on my land. The saw comes fully assembled, packaged and ready to use but you will need to add some bar and chain oil before getting started. The EGO is one of the only battery-operated models that comes with an 18″ blade. The battery has a visible display that shows how much the battery is charged and changes throughout the charging process, upon inserting the battery in the charger, … Read More

Right way to Maintaining your Outdoor Furniture

We are approaching the time of year when outdoor furniture finally will be used again. However, it may be that the furniture that was put in storage last year does not look quite as good as they did when you put them away, and could need a bit of cleaning and fixing before before the summer time. Sometimes the wood has got a small grayish surface after the winter and it’s not that nice, is it? Fortunately, if you have hardwood furniture it is relatively easy to get them looking nice again, just follow the easy steps below (applies … Read More

Electric Chainsaw on Table

Electric vs Petrol Chainsaw: Benefits, Differences & Use cases

Electric and battery-powered or petrol-powered, what type of chainsaw should you get? Since I have seen some confusion, I thought I would go through the differences between the different types, and the benefits of each so that you can more easily make a decision about which one suits you best. I know it can be confusing to buy a chainsaw, so hopefully this guide can help you in your decision. So what are the major differences between electric and gasoline powered chainsaws? Petrol-powered is generally more expensive, but is also stronger and can handle heavier wood work. Gasoline also … Read More

Electric Chainsaw Bosch

What are the Benefits of Electric Chainsaws and what they are Best Used For

The power source used to run the saw distinguishes a traditional chainsaw from an electric chainsaw. The names indicate the different models, with the electric powered by, you guessed it, electricity, and the regular powered by a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil. Electric chainsaws have become more widely available in a variety of settings in recent years, and consumers now have a wide range of models from which to choose. There are some considerations to make depending on the type of work you intend to do with your chainsaw and how heavily you intend to use it. Electric … Read More

Brush Cutter and Clearing Saw: 5 Tips for Sharpening and Maintenance

Many people spend a lot of time finding the best clearing saw for them, which is great. Unfortunately, there are then many who do not put the same energy into taking care of their machine after the purchase. A clearing saw or a brush cutter is a fairly large investment, so I think it is important that you take care of your saw. Partly because it should last a long time, but also because it should be safe to work with. You can usually read about grinding and maintenance in the brush cutter’s manual. Unfortunately, I find that many … Read More

Best Protective Gear for Chainsaw use (Most Important clothes & Tips)

When using a chainsaw, safety is key. There is always a risk of being injured while using a chainsaw, even for very experienced users. There are many types of protective gear and clothing and all have different types of functionality, so it is important you pick the right gear. Get help from a knowledgeable person in the area to find clothes that fit really well so that the equipment fits correctly and does its job. The types of clothing that are suitable may also depend on the season and area of use. Should the clothes have been damaged or … Read More

How to seasonally store your Chainsaw: 5 Simple Storage Tips

If you are going to put away the chainsaw for the season, it is important to show a little love and say goodbye in the right way. If you just “put” the saw away without any care, you may not recognize her when it’s time to reunite. Over the years, I have tried some different ways in storing my chainsaws and here I have tried to collect all the tricks that worked for me. Here are 5 simple tricks for storing chainsaws: Treat the fuel tank before seasonal storage When the engine has cooled down completely, you should drain … Read More

chainsaw maintenance

How to Service & Maintain your Chainsaw – Complete Beginner’s Guide

All forest and woodworking tools, especially chainsaws, last longer and work better if you show them a little love now and then. I have collected a lot of tricks that I have learned over the years that have helped me maximize the life of my equipment. It’s frustrating when the saw does not work, and it’s even worse to have to spend money on new parts. I firmly believe that you can fix and maintain most things on a chainsaw yourself as they are pretty simple tools. In this post I’ve included some tips on how to replace and … Read More