User Test Review of the Groundskeeper II Rake 55”

Hands-on review of the Groundskeeper II Rake 55” As an owner and user of dozens of gardening and gardening tools, including at least six other rakes, I have found the Groundskeeper II rake to be a very useful addition to my tool shed. This rake has a very unique design in the shape of a tine and is very light and easy to use. With a little pressure, you can pull up the dead grass and lift it enough to breathe the dormant grass. The rake is not really meant as a fine blade grass rake as there is … Read More

User test of the SKIL 40-volt 14-in Brushless Cordless Electric Chainsaw 2.5 Ah

Guest Review of the SKIL 40-volt 14-in Brushless Cordless Electric Chainsaw 2.5 Ah My house is on an acre of land with many (way too many) large pine trees and other tree species in both backyards, and for many years I used a craftsman’s 16-inch corded chainsaw suitable for general maintenance, including logging some relatively large trees. However, about three months ago, during a violent storm, a lightning bolt hit a very old, large red oak tree just behind my property, and a large branch broke in the middle of the tree. This main branch has three other big … Read More

Tung oil application

When should you use Tung oil for wood finish

What is Tung Oil pure tongue oil is made from the nuts of the tongue tree. tongue trees are found in Asia and South America and the oil has been used as a wood finish for thousands of years. It remains popular today because in its  pure form Tung oil is more durable than some other natural finishes such as linseed oil. It does add a slight amber hue to light colored wood but it doesn’t darken over time or go rancid like linseed oil might, it is also food safe and water resistant it’s also eco-friendly and it doesn’t put … Read More

shellac application

How to Apply Shellac

What is Shellac Shellac is a traditional finish, it is a natural resin. Resin is kind of like epoxy but it’s not as strong as man-made epoxy but still very good and because it’s an alcohol it absorbs deep into the grain and is great for a first coat.  Shellac will bring out the natural grain patterns of your wood and give it a nice finish. How to Apply Shellac Put something down like cardboard or similar to protect your workbench or whatever you are working on as Shellac when it dries gets very sticky. Stir up the Shellac, … Read More

How and Why you should Manually Aerate your Lawn

Aeration is a lawn care method designed to create openings in the lawn and the underlying soil structure and penetrate layers of roots and thatch. This allows essential water and air to penetrate the soil and make it easier to reach the grassroots. This process is often referred to as “core aeration” after a small plug or core has been removed from the ground. Why Aeration is good for your lawn Aeration is a solution to highly compressed soils that are planted on high-traffic lawns and soils with high clay content. It is rarely needed if the soil is … Read More

Chainsaw For Beginners: Use, Technique & Equipment

All handling of a chainsaw should always be done with the utmost respect. If the chainsaw is used incorrectly or carelessly, an accident can quickly occur with drastic consequences in the form of injuries. If you are a beginner, it is important to learn the basics of how a chainsaw should be used, whether it is through a course for chainsaw driving licenses or from someone in your circle of acquaintances who has that knowledge and can share. Here is a checklist of things to keep in mind before and while using a chainsaw: Things to think about Before … Read More

ego 18 chainsaw

EGO Power+ CS1804 18-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Chain Saw

User Test Review Got the EGO 18″ to replace a older 16″ battery-powered model that was leaking oil like crazy in order to clear and cut down the fallen trees on my land. The saw comes fully assembled, packaged and ready to use but you will need to add some bar and chain oil before getting started. The EGO is one of the only battery-operated models that comes with an 18″ blade. The battery has a visible display that shows how much the battery is charged and changes throughout the charging process, upon inserting the battery in the charger, … Read More

Right way to Maintaining your Outdoor Furniture

We are approaching the time of year when outdoor furniture finally will be used again. However, it may be that the furniture that was put in storage last year does not look quite as good as they did when you put them away, and could need a bit of cleaning and fixing before before the summer time. Sometimes the wood has got a small grayish surface after the winter and it’s not that nice, is it? Fortunately, if you have hardwood furniture it is relatively easy to get them looking nice again, just follow the easy steps below (applies … Read More

Electric Chainsaw on Table

Electric vs Petrol Chainsaw: Benefits, Differences & Usage

Electric and battery-powered or petrol-powered, what type of chainsaw should you get? Since I have seen some confusion, I thought I would go through the differences between the different types, and the benefits of each so that you can more easily make a decision about which one suits you best. I know it can be confusing to buy a chainsaw, so hopefully this guide can help you in your decision. So what are the major differences between electric and gasoline powered chainsaws? Petrol-powered is generally more expensive, but is also stronger and can handle heavier wood work. Gasoline also … Read More

Brush Cutter and Clearing Saw: 5 Tips for Sharpening and Maintenance

Many people spend a lot of time finding the best clearing saw for them, which is great. Unfortunately, there are then many who do not put the same energy into taking care of their machine after the purchase. A clearing saw or a brush cutter is a fairly large investment, so I think it is important that you take care of your saw. Partly because it should last a long time, but also because it should be safe to work with. You can usually read about grinding and maintenance in the clearing saw’s manual. Unfortunately, I find that many … Read More

Best Protective Gear for Chainsaw use (Most Important clothes & Tips)

When using a chainsaw, safety is key. There is always a risk of being injured while using a chainsaw, even for very experienced users. There are many types of protective gear and clothing and all have different types of functionality, so it is important you pick the right gear. Get help from a knowledgeable person in the area to find clothes that fit really well so that the equipment fits correctly and does its job. The types of clothing that are suitable may also depend on the season and area of use. Should the clothes have been damaged or … Read More

All types of protective and safety equipment for chainsaw use

A chainsaw is a tool that you must have great respect for and handle with knowledge. If you are careless, sloppy or do not use it correctly, it can maen some large and serious injuries. One way to avoid really big accidents is to use good personal protective equipment and clothing from head to toe. It is important that the protective clothing fits well and correctly to provide the greatest protection. If they are damaged, they need to be replaced and replaced with new undamaged items. Safety boots or safety shoes You can find both safety boots and shoes … Read More

How to seasonally store your Chainsaw: 5 Simple Storage Tips

If you are going to put away the chainsaw for the season, it is important to show a little love and say goodbye in the right way. If you just “put” the saw away without any care, you may not recognize her when it’s time to reunite. Over the years, I have tried some different ways in storing my chainsaws and here I have tried to collect all the tricks that worked for me. Here are 5 simple tricks for storing chainsaws: Treat the fuel tank before seasonal storage When the engine has cooled down completely, you should drain … Read More

man cutting brown tree during daytime

How To Safely Cut Down A Tree Yourself

Some of my readers have asked for a guide on how to properly fell a tree, so in this post you will learn how to safely cut down a tree on your own. [box]Felling a tree is definitely not an easy thing to do, in most cases the smartest thing to do is to hire someone who does the work for you so nothing goes wrong. However, if you are determined to do it yourself, you will learn how to do it with this guide.[/box] Equipment Needed Before Tree Felling Having the right equipment and knowledge of how to … Read More

Why handicap target practice?

Not long ago I was invited by a shooting club in my hometown to give a talk on shooting safety to a group of young people who were being trained in target shooting. What these kids had learned about shooting consisted entirely of the basic fundamentals of sighting, gun stance, holding and squeezing the trigger, and the typical gun safety routine. It was all good and essential for a novice. In fact, after watching their maneuvers and different shooting positions, I told the instructor frankly that there remained little that I could tell the students that would benefit them … Read More

The beautiful Red Squirrels

The red squirrel is a furbearer that has already made its own introduction if you’re one who can justly claim woods experience anywhere in the woods from Colorado to Alaska, from Florida to California. That could hardly be said of any other native mammal. Weasel, deer, fox, and rabbit try to escape being noticed and may succeeding doing so for weeks, even where they are fairly popular. Even the omnipresent little white-footed mouse prefers to hide whenever possible. Not so, the Chickaree, as Red is also known. They are quite apt to court attention and will actually scold till … Read More

A disaster strikes while fishing for a Musky

The sun, barely peeking over the contour of the forest, found me and my friend already uploading the pontoon with sandwiches and fishing tackle and clamping on the outboard motor. My buddy started at a slow pace but opened throttle after he was convinced of the boat’s stability. We were going to Nestor Falls for more provisions. The trip between our outpost camp at Kishkutena Lake, Ontario, and Nestor Falls is about twenty-five miles, and because five small portages interrupt the waterway, we decided to use a pontoon and out the five-horsepower motor. The pontoon would be much easier … Read More

The ring-tailed cat — a curious member of the raccoon family

Probably one of the least known but very interesting animals in the US is the Cacomixtle or Bassasisk as it is called by the Aztec Indians of Mexico. It is recognized by trappers from California and Oregon across the southern states to Texas and Louisiana as plain old Ring-tail. Although related to the raccoon, the rather rare little ringtailed cat is smaller. With its long slim body, it resembles the marten but is easily identified by the seven white bands along its black and brown tail. The ring-tail averages about thirty inches in length, with the tail being about … Read More

The peculiar story of Albino Mammals

If you’re fascinated with albinos, there is a single good book published on this topic. That is “Albino Animals” by Kelly Milner Halls. Albino animals Tracing a backward course of existence far into the prehistoric eras of veiled mystery, albino mammals and birds perhaps always have existed in Nature’s marvelous web — astounding mutations with tenacious powers of singular repetition throughout the ages. Sometimes there are outstanding individuals exquisitely breathtaking in their ghostly liveliness. Curious wild creatures that have been only partially touched by the wand that magically creates pure white when closely related family members wear conventional coats … Read More

Lake of the Ozarks fishing report 2019

If you’re an avid angler, you’ve probably fished one of the famous Ozarks lakes or streams one day in the past. You might’ve come away disappointed because you failed to catch your limit. That’s the thing Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas are trying to avoid. And if you’d like to revisit your old spot, nine times out of ten you wouldn’t go away disappointed a second time. What’s happening to fishing in the Ozarks shows the tremendous interest shown in this natural, scenic, fisherman’s paradise. Make sure you’ve got solid equipment for your trip. Here’s what I’m using: Missouri has … Read More

A Roadtrip to Alaska

Round this time of year, plenty of people in the US are thinking about a trip to Alaska by the Alaskan Highway. Many tourists come back home enthusiastic, swearing to return as soon as they can. Others returned disillusioned, having expected something way different than what they found because of lack of knowledge or because the source of their knowledge was inaccurate. My aim in writing this article is to set forth expectations as the reality is. The scope To start, few stateside visitors realize the sheer size of the territory. For instance, if a map of Alaska were … Read More

Fishing for the Great Northern Pike

[box]This fish is the true pike, often called white-spotted pickerel. I knew an ichthyologist who tried to change this by introducing a plain-colored type of muskellunge under the name of “Great Northern Pike.” The result was that fishermen fell upon this person from all directions and raised particular hob because he had attempted to juggle their known and popular nomenclature to suit his own whim.[/box] This white-spotted great northern pike is apparently the identical fish that inhabits freshwater lakes and streams all over Europe and Asia as well as here. At least no success has crowned any attempt to … Read More

Big game you should be aware of — cougar hunting in America

[box]They call him “the killer!” And yet, by many, he is considered a coward. However, his choice to elude a pack of hounds and a gun-bearing hunter does not necessarily condemn him as cowardly. If such were the case, most wild animals could be classified as such.[/box] Cougar, panther, catamount, or just plain lion, for pure unadulterated violence is equaled by few. True, he is a killer, many times taking advantage of domestic animals, but unless there is a tremendous scarcity of wild game, the hunter has little to fear from the cougar. Generally, where the cougar is abundant, … Read More

The 3 routers I have at my home workshop

[box]Currently, I have 3 routers at my shop. A handheld micro, a small, and a medium router.[/box] I know many of you are just starting your adventure with woodworking, and are dreaming about buying your first router. I wanted to share my experience with using a number of routers over the years, and why I settled on these simple, popular ones in the end. My home routers are a pretty regular combination: a tiny handheld, a small and a medium. I don’t really feel the need for a large router at my home shop. The tiny one – Bosch … Read More

Router table guide

[box]The router revolutionized home shop woodworking. It’s an incredible tool. It’s capable of doing anything from edge-shaping to making sliding dovetail joints. It didn’t take long for innovative woodworkers to discover that mounting their router in a table adds a whole new dimension to an already useful tool.[/box] No time to read the whole thing? Here are my picks: Best Overall Floor Table Best Benchtop Value Benchtop Budget Benchtop A router table offers several benefits: Safety – Router table routing is safer than hand-held routing. Versatility – With a router table, you can do things that are impossible to … Read More

How to prevent a fire in your workshop

[box]Fire in the shop is something most people fear. Safe use and disposal of combustibles can reduce the risk to a minimum.[/box] Like many woodworkers, I have dozens of different containers filled with flammable solvents and finishers on my shelves. I’ve read the warnings about how flammable some products are. Still, I never believed a fire could happen in my workshop. Turns out it did. One day, my buddy had just finished wiping the last coat of oil on a desk he was making. Just before closing up, he threw a few of the rags he was using into … Read More

Sawdust collection for routers

[box]If you’re sensitive to sawdust and want to keep your shop clean, you should reduce the amount of sawdust your router produces.[/box] There’s a number of optional accessories that will fit your router and will help it throw less of unnecessary particles around. An efficient way to limit sawdust output is to collect it right at the source. There is no flawless solution for sucking up sawdust, but the manufacturers are trying hard. Plunge routers will do a better job at limiting sawdust output that fixed-base routers. Depending on the kind of work you’re doing, the router will shoot … Read More

Waxed vs. dewaxed shellac

[box]I bet you’ve seen the warnings on polyurethane varnish cans like “Do not apply over shellac.” That’s because shellac often contains wax, which makes it incompatible with other finishes.[/box] When the wax is removed, these adhesion problems disappear and you have one of the most useful tools for finishing at hand. Dewaxed shellac works perfectly as a coat between finishes that are not compatible. If you want to put water-based poly over an oil stain, you need to use dewaxed shellac between them. Want to put a fresh coat of finish on an old piece? Use a coat of … Read More

How to sand a surface flat using a belt sander

[box]What’s the easiest way to make a wooden surface flat? Using a belt sander and this quick five-step process.[/box] Check out my favorite belt sander if you don’t have one yet: It happens so often to all of us. You’re gluing up several pieces of wood to make a tabletop. Then as you clamp them together, the wood shifts and you end up with a surface that isn’t flat. One of the best ways to even it out is to use a belt sander. Leveling a wooden surface is a simple five-step process. Clean the surface Clean out the … Read More

Router cleaning and maintenance

[box]You just need to spend five minutes every few months to make sure your router will be running well for years.[/box] Most people I know never do maintenance on their router. It’s a recipe for disaster. Your router needs to be tuned-up on a regular interval. The body You need to keep the inside of your router clean. Separate the motor unit from the base and clean both. Start with the motor housing. Don’t forget about cleaning the height adjusting mechanism. To keep the body in good condition, you should lubricate the sliding parts lightly. Use your favorite lubricant … Read More

What to do with sawdust?

[box]We’ve all got a lot of sawdust laying around right? Here are some ideas on what to do with it.[/box] Use it the garden as mulch Sawdust makes a great garden mulch! Wood is an amazing source of nutrients for the plants. Spread the sawdust on the top of your soil, do not mix it in. If you mix it in, it will temporarily leach more nitrogen from the soil. One to two-inch shavings are perfect for the top layer. If you want to mix it into the soil, you can actually use any thickness of sawdust, but you … Read More

Why use abrasive pads for sanding instead of sandpaper or steel wool

[box]Abrasive pads don’t stuff up like sandpaper or leavy bits behind like steel wool.[/box] If you want to get the smoothest finish on your project, you should polish in between coats. This eliminates any imperfections that can be caused by air bubbles or dust. In the past, I used steel wool or sandpaper in between coats. Recently, my buddy brought me some abrasive pads. Turns out they work really well. They don’t clog up like sandpaper all the time, so they last longer. They don’t leave tiny particles behind like steel wool, so I don’t have to clean after … Read More

What is the best glue for wood?

You’re beyond simple yellow glues and you don’t want a different bottle of glue for each project. You’re looking for the best glue out there. What type of glue should you use? Use a strong polyurethane glue. Gorilla Glue bonds stone, wood, ceramic, metal, foam, glass, plastics, and more. Creates an incredible solid bond and is 100% waterproof. The best glue I have ever tried, bar none. Gorilla Glue is way better than epoxy.

How to remove rust and protect your items against it

[box]You don’t need to throw away your rusted tools. Using a few dust removal products will make them like new again.[/box] I bought an old, rusted table saw at a local auction. It was a great deal, but I was afraid the rust was in too deep. Luckily, the condition of the table was actually better than it looked on the outside. Derusting We’ve got a few options that will help restore our rusty items. I usually combine all of them as everyone has its strengths and weaknesses. Start with a wire brush Start with cleaning the item and … Read More

Best keyless chucks for drills

[box]Can you change your drill bit without using a key? Sure you can. Just get a keyless chuck.[/box] Always losing your chuck key? I can relate. Of course, there’s a solution to this problem. You can replace you trusty trill chuck with a keyless chuck. Essentially, all keyless chuck models work the same. You grab the base with one hand and rotate the outer body of the keyless chuck with your other hand. This will make the jaws to move and release or grip your bit. Keyless chucks for drills have double the teeth Because of their internal structure, … Read More

How to edgeband plywood using veneer edging

[box]A few strips of veneer edging and some easy tricks are all you need to conceal a plywood edge.[/box] One of my favorite techniques of hiding edges on a plywood project is to add a trip of edge-banding or veneer. It’s a ribbon made out of wood, that is the thickness of a thick paper piece. First, you need to be sure that your edging is big enough to cover the area that you’re working on. Always leave a bit of space for mistakes. You need to buy a veneer that will match the color of your project. Luckily, … Read More

The Workshop Book by Scott Landis Review

[box]The Workshop Book by Scott Landis, is a fantastic read. I was curious to get a good perspective of the many home and professional workshops Landis visited while writing this book.[/box] A concept book The book is filled with tons of creative ideas for tool and wood storage, self-made tools, accessories, workshop location, and layouts. Some of the concepts can be lifted right out of the book. Others have to be adapted to your particular case. One woodworker that Lannis documented found an innovative solution to the space limitations of a small garage shop. He cut the garage in … Read More