Best keyless chucks for drills

Can you change your drill bit without using a key? Sure you can. Just get a keyless chuck.

Always losing your chuck key? I can relate. Of course, there’s a solution to this problem. You can replace you trusty trill chuck with a keyless chuck.

Essentially, all keyless chuck models work the same. You grab the base with one hand and rotate the outer body of the keyless chuck with your other hand. This will make the jaws to move and release or grip your bit.

Best Keyless chucks

Keyless chucks for drills have double the teeth

Because of their internal structure, keyless chucks can actually hold the bit better than regular chucks.

There has to be no space for the key mechanism, so that leaved up real estate that can be used for more teeth. That’s why keyless chucks will have a better hold on your bits, because of that mechanical advantage.


The grip on keyless chucks is somewhat of personal preference. I prefer large grips, with narrow carvings, that are easy to hold.

Ball bearings

Many of the currently manufactured keyless chucks will include ball bearings. A ball bearing construction will ensure smoother operation as the chucks are opened and closed.

Jaw extension

Depends on those types of bits you want to work with. If you want to work with a short bit, you want to buy a keyless chuck that can extend past the top of the chuck.

Ratchet system

Some keyless chucks have a ratchet system built-in. They have fewer threads on the jaws and close or open using fewer rotations than the others. They use a clicking ratchet system that hangs onto the thread after rotation, leveraging your strength. It holds the bits so tight, that it’s sometimes difficult to unscrew the chuck. Recommended for heavy-duty operations.

Product recommendation

All the chucks that I tried were built well.

My favorite keyless chuck is Jacobs 30354. It has the smoothest operation, it can extend far past the top of the chuck, and it holds the bit really tightly.

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For the money, you can’t beat Dremel 4486.

If you need to use tiny bits, I recommend getting this Neiko 20753A conversion tool.

Best keyless chucks

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