EGO Power+ CS1804 18-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Chain Saw

User Test Review

Got the EGO 18″ to replace a older 16″ battery-powered model that was leaking oil like crazy in order to clear and cut down the fallen trees on my land. The saw comes fully assembled, packaged and ready to use but you will need to add some bar and chain oil before getting started.

The EGO is one of the only battery-operated models that comes with an 18″ blade. The battery has a visible display that shows how much the battery is charged and changes throughout the charging process, upon inserting the battery in the charger, I saw it came already half charged.

At first use i notice that the battery is quite heavy, which adds to the overall weight of the product. However, the chain saw is exceptionally well balanced so you don’t really feel it and it is not any heavier than a standard gas saw. It is also possible to use ut with the EGO 2.5A battery for lighter weight, with a trade off that you cannot run the saw full speed.

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The manual is pretty basic and pretty intuitive if you’ve used a chainsaw before. The saw works very well.  It’s relatively quiet, especially compared to a gas chains saw. Even if you use it early in the morning, your neighbors won’t complain.

My only complaint so far is that the battery life is somewhat different from what you see in the demo video. That said, a single charge can carve 25 feet of wood, and a 5.0Ah battery takes about an hour to charge. So in longer projects, I just take a break or do something else while the battery is charging. Also, running the saw at FULL throttle runs the battery down very quickly, so it is better to run it slower and let the chain do all the heavy lifting.

I also like the fact that it has an automatic chain tension system. On my old chainsaw and I believe most other brands, you need to turn a big knob to loosen the blade, then rotate a wheel until you get the tension YOU think is right, the EGO system is much better. Turn the large wheel and it will be tightened with the proper tension. If the resistance on the blade is too high, the motor will also stop for safety reasons.

It also has LED light built in wit has two settings and is incredibly bright, not sure if you need this feature, but it’s useful to know that it’s there when you need it. The 18″ version has almost double the RPM compared to the 16″ model and comes with a metal “bucking spike” not found on the 16″ model. When it comes to cutting, it’s incredible. To try it, I cut a 12-inch log and it literally cut like butter, it did not even take 10 seconds for each cut. Sure, I’m using a brand new blade, but with occasional sharpening I think all future cuts will be easier.

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This is simply an incredible chain saw and the best price is currently on Amazon, about – $30 less than at Lowe’s.

Pros & Cons


  • More powerful than the previous generation Ego chainsaws.
  • Large oil container only needing to refill after running through roughly four 5.0 AH batteries.
  • Very quiet, able to use in a residential area early morning without complaint.
  • Can be used with shorter length bars, both 14″ and 16″ by following the Ego manual.
  •  Top-notch quality build.


  • Battery location, as it is placed on the underside it gets muddy and could easily be damaged. Some added protection would have been useful.
  • The larger battery is quite heavy and makes the saw a little harder to maneuver

 Frequently Asked Questions about the EGO 18-Inch Chainsaw

Is the EGO 1800 good for moderate to heavy work?

The EGO 18inch is a solid choice for light to heavy use.

What diameter sharpener is needed for the 18 inch model?

Use a 5/32” (4.0 mm) diameter round file sharpener.

How much vibrations does the EGO chainsaw produce?

What replacement chain fits the 1804 & 1800 EGO?

Replacement chain is model 91PX062X Oregon or EGO AC1800 EGO.
Replacement bar is: 180SDEA041.

Is the chainsaw compatible with the 14 inch and 16inch bar?

The CS1800 is compatible with the 16″ bar and chain, however the CS1400 is not compatible with the 16″ or 18″ bar and chain.

Is the EGO 18″too powerful to be stopped by chainsaw chaps?

In theory yes, electric/battery saws have too much torque for chainsaw chaps.

How much does the 18 inch EGO saw weight?

The chainsaw is no heavier than a gas powered, specifications list it at 22.4 pounds

Does the EGO saw come with chain oil included?

You will need to buy your own oil.

Do I need to use specific bar oil for the EGO chainsaws?

Any good bar oil will work.

How loud is the EGO 1804 chainsaw compared to similar sized gas power chainsaws?

The EGO chainsaw is very, very quiet compared to any gas saw

For the EGO chainsaws, is the bar solid steel or laminate?

The EGO chain bar is solid steel.

Does the EGO Power+ CS1804 have an auto chain oiler?

Yes it does

Can you charge all EGO batteries on the same charger?

Yes you can, ego batteries will charge on the same charger regardless of the product you bought it with.

What carrying case works for the 18″ EGO chainsaw?

EGO sells a specific case for the chainsaws, that you can find here. There is also the case Poulan Pro 18- to 20-Inch Gas Chain Saw Carrying Case that works with the battery removed.

What is the warranty on the CS1804 Chainsaw?

Factory warranty is 3 years but you will need to register online.

How much bar oil does a EGO chainsaw need per use?

It will use around 3-4 oz per charge.

Can I use the batteries of my other ego products with this Chainsaw?

Yes – all EGO batteries are interchangeable

What is the difference between the 1804 model and the 1800 model?

There are 3 different versions of the 18 inch saw so it is important to know which one you are comparing between stores. One that includes the battery and the charger, one that doesn’t include the charger, and one that doesn’t include the charger or the battery.

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    I bought a EGO CS1804 chainsaw with the 18 inch bar. Based on your review where you stated you could switch the 18 in with a 16 inch i also purchased a EGO 16 in bar and the correct EGO chain to fit. I tried to install the 16 inch bar and chain. It fit as the 18 inch did, However when i would reinstall the cover and turn the one large knob that attaches the cover and also adjusts the tension of the chain. It did not seem to fit right and the chain would not rotate freely. Please help.




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