Right way to Maintaining your Outdoor Furniture

We are approaching the time of year when outdoor furniture finally will be used again. However, it may be that the furniture that was put in storage last year does not look quite as good as they did when you put them away, and could need a bit of cleaning and fixing before before the summer time.

Sometimes the wood has got a small grayish surface after the winter and it’s not that nice, is it? Fortunately, if you have hardwood furniture it is relatively easy to get them looking nice again, just follow the easy steps below (applies to stained or oiled furniture).

Getting your outdoor furniture summer ready.


Start by washing the furniture with a furniture wash such as for instance High Performance Teak Cleaner & Restorer, or any other mild paint wash. Now maybe some of you are thinking, why not sand first and then wash off the dust from sanding? You should wash first so that the dirt and any fungal growths do not grind into the wood when sanding. Then you spread the fungal spores into the wood and you can have big problems later on, so wash first and sand after is my advice. Rinse thoroughly so that no residue of the paint wash remains.


Then sand with fine sandpaper, grain size of 180 is good. It is important that it is not too coarse sandpaper because then you can get stripes in the wood that are difficult to remove. Dust properly with, for example with a non-stick cloth.

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Oil, or stain

If you have a piece of furniture made of hardwood, e.g. teak or hardwood or similar, you should oil these. Teak oil can be applied with a small sponge or with a brush, the oil should stay wet on the surface for 5-10 minutes before then wiping off any excess oil. You can repeat the oil treatment several times depending on how dry the wood is. Hardwood furniture is very popular and they are best oiled with, for example, Star brite Premium Golden Teak Oil. This oil has a good UV filter and is a bit amber, which means that the furniture regains its original luster. It is very easy to work with and gives a very beautiful result. If you have stained furniture, you re-apply them with new glaze. Find out in your local paint store what will be best for your particular piece of furniture.

Then just enjoy the hopefully warm and nice summer in their freshly painted / oiled furniture.

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What do I do if my wooden furniture has got black dots / cracks / resin?

Wood is a living material that is affected by the climate. It changes all the time so the more you take care of your furniture, the nicer it will stay. Below are some tips on what you can do to keep your furniture looking good as new.

Black spots / dots

Should the furniture get black stains (mainly on the top of the table top and armrests), it is due to air pollution. The stains can be washed off with a mild detergent. The contaminants have an ability to penetrate deep into the wood. The earlier the stains are washed away, the greater the chance that you will be able to remove all of it.

Cracks in the wood

Wood is a living material that absorbs and releases moisture, this can cause cracks to form in the wood’s surface. The strength and function of the furniture are not impaired by smaller surface cracks. To keep the furniture from cracking, make sure to protect it from moisture and rain as much as possible. When you are not using the furniture, feel free to place it under a roof or cover it with a furniture cover.


If the furniture is exposed to a temperature higher than 100.4°F, a natural process starts in the wood and resin can penetrate out of the wood, usually if the wood have some some twigs. When the furniture cools, the resin solidifies and you can carefully scrape it off.


Furniture Storage & care

How do I protect my furniture?

Protect your furniture from moisture and rain as much as possible. When you are not using the furniture, feel free to place it under a roof or cover them with a furniture cover. Remember that there must be a distance between the furniture protection and furniture itself, so that ventilation can take place or mildew might form.

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How do I store my furniture during the winter?

Winter storage should be protected, cool and not too dry. It is also possible to store the furniture outside in the winter, preferably under a roof. Remember to protect the furniture well with, for example, a furniture protection cover. Snow and rain must not come into contact with the furniture and there must be a distance between furniture protection and furniture, so that ventilation can take place. Make sure to wash and completely dry the furniture before setting it aside for the winter.

What about Cushions and seats

Can I wash my cushions?
Most cushions can be washed in 30 degree hand wash but usually not in a machine. Important, the cushions should not be spun when washing as it might cause them to lose their form.

How do I prevent my cushions from fading?
A certain fading must be taken into account when exposed to sunlight over longer period of times. For longer durability, feel free to use a furniture cover or move them to a covered area when you are not using the furniture.

How do keep my cushions from fading?
In order to keep your outdoor outdoor fabric surfaces surfaces it is good to treat it with a Fabric Protectant Spray this will ensure the fabric stays fresh and looking like new. A good spray gives protection against UV rays, oil-type stains, dirt, bird droppings and maybe, most importantly moisture.

Best of luck and hope your wooden furniture end up looking just as good as the day you got them!

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